Gear shifting action is independent of pedaling. You can shift gears anytime, while standing still, pedaling or coasting. Nexus is the ideal coffee shop bike.
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Product Specs

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Model Number SG-7R46
Series Inter-7
Speeds 7
Shifting Lever SB-7S45, SL-7S20
Roller Brake Compatible BR-IM41/50/70/80-R
Gear Ratio Total Difference 244%
Gear Ratio 1 0.632
Gear Ratio 2 0.741
Gear Ratio 3 0.843
Gear Ratio 4 0.989
Gear Ratio 5 1.145
Gear Ratio 6 1.335
Gear Ratio 7 1.545
Axle Length 182 / 201 (mm)
Over Locknut 130mm
Spoke Holes 36, 32H
Spoke Size #13, #14
Sprocket Options 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23T
Chain Line 16T: 45.3 , 18-23T: 40.3 /45.3
Cassette Joint CJ-NX10 / CJ-NX40
Flange Distance (mm) 54.6mm
Spoke Hole PCD (mm) 87mm
Flange Diameter (mm) 99.6mm
Flange Width (mm) 3.2mm
Sprocket Thickness (mm) 2.3mm
Chain Size 1/2"x1/8" or 1/2"x3/32"
Shimano Recommended Chain CN-NX10 (1/2"x1/8")