Voluntary recall "Gloves"

Shimano announces voluntary recall of PRO, SHIMANO and SAINT cycling gloves


It has recently come to Shimano's attention that, contrary to its strict contractual specifications, certain PRO, SHIMANO and SAINT cycling gloves manufactured by Shimano's supplier in Pakistan contain traces of Benzidine in excess of the levels specified by EU regulations. 

As a precaution, Shimano has voluntarily decided to recall all PRO, SHIMANO and SAINT cycling gloves which carry a label indicating that they were made in Pakistan, or which carry no label at all. Cycling gloves that carry a label indicating they were manufactured elsewhere are not affected by this recall. The label is located on the inside of the gloves. 

If you have a pair of gloves affected by this recall, or if you are unsure, you should stop using the gloves immediately, and should either visit a Shimano- / Pro-dealer and/or download the documentation.