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Nyhet - ZEE

In 2013 SHIMANO will introduce a completely new gravity line specially designed for young entry riders… ZEE!
ZEE is the new kid on the block and SAINT’s younger brother. Zee is designed for riding on extreme gravity trails and ready to battle with the established order and waiting for young entry riders to unleash its potential! It has a young and fresh look and the best balance between perfect gravity features at an affordable price point so everybody can enjoy gravity riding.

The name ZEE is derived from zero. ZEE will give their riders a sense of freedom when they hit ‘zero gravity’ on the extreme trails!

Because gravity riders need specific features for their extreme demands, SHIMANO packed ZEE with the latest technologies like a SHADOW RD+ rear derailleur and high performing disc brakes.

SHADOW RD+ offers the most silent drive train for Down Hill riding. The ZEE 10-speed rear derailleur has a switch at the pully cage to activate a stabilizer that counteracts the forces of up and down chain momentum in rough terrain. SHADOW RD+ offers better control, stability, reduces chain dropping dramatically and provides a silent drive train. The ZEE rear derailleur is available in a close gear and wide gear spec.

For aggressive riding SHIMANO developed a durable, strong but also a light crank set with a steel axle and steel pedal insert. By using a solid crank arm and hollow axle SHIMANO found the perfect balance of stiffness, strength and rotating performance. With SHIMANO’s propriety forging technology the designers integrated a hollow bottom bracket for more stiffness and weight savings to achieve a high dimensional balance.

Gravity riders need to have full confidence in the performance of their brakes. That’s why SHIMANO designed ZEE with a ceramic 4 piston caliper hydraulic disc brakes. Differential piston diameters provide quiet and controllable power and for optimal brake control the levers are equipped with SERVO WAVE action. Only little lever movement is needed to bring the pads in contact with the rotor and it’s easy to control your braking power. ZEE brakes are Ice tech compatible, so ZEE riders can upgrade their brakes to optimal Ice tech braking power for their future needs.

For a clean cockpit the shifters and brake levers are I-spec compatible. Of course, there’s only one shift lever because of the single chainring.